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Queensway Carwash Rainshield Treatment

Queensway Carwash Rainshield Treatment

Queensway Carwash

Queensway Carwash

Queensway Carwash

Queensway Carwash
Queensway Carwash Rainshield Treatment
Open 7 days a week
875 The Queensway, East of Islington,South Side, Etobicoke Ont
Car Wash

Whether you are looking to make a good impression, protect your vehicle's finish from the environment, or have a clean mode of transportation, Queensway Car Wash with over 40 years at this location is the place to go.

Our trained attendant will power wash your vehicle. A damp towel is supplied to wipe the interior of your vehicle while the exterior is being washed. We have more soft cloth brushes, lubricated with soap and fresh water to prevent damage to your vehicle, than most other car washes.

The application of environmentally friendly soaps, waxes and wax cleaners ensures that you receive the best possible wash.

Attendants will wipe your vehicle at exiting with a clean towel.

extreme DEAL
Queensway Auto wash Loves its customers
Without gas *
extreme DEAL
GrimeBuster Presoak
Tire Gloss
Rim Treatment
Extra Wheel Cleaning
Queensway Car Wash Mega Shine

Queensway Car Wash Mega Shine Instant Shine
Carnauba Polish
Bug Remover (seasonal)

Queensway Car Wash Mega Shine
Underbody rust guard
Hot carnauba
Ultimate cleaners

Queensway Car Wash Mega Shine
Hand & jet dry
Towel to dust interior
Prep by attendant
Lite wash (June to Oct. only) with jet dry $6.99
ONLY genuine Turtle Wax Queensway Car Wash Turtle Wax products are used in our soft touch car wash.
Wheel DEAL (Tire + Rim) 4.40
Tire gloss 3.00
Rim treatment 3.00
GrimeBuster presoak 3.00
Bug Remover (seasonal) 3.00
Detailing services, starting at $49.00
Detailing gift certificates
Prepaid car wash tickets

Value Card Save 20%
Purchase $200 of car wash services for $160
  taxes extra
* with original receipt,
 same vehicle
| * or less than 25L
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Queensway Carwash Rainshield Treatment

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Queensway Carwash

Best wash in Town, been coming to this location since 1988. Ran my 911 Porsche through here once a week and my fleet of Chevy Vans 1 time a week each with no issues. Unbelievable attention
Queensway Carwash

T.C. Toronto
Queensway Carwash

I have been a Customer for many years and find the Staff at Queensway Car wash very friendly, courteous and extremely helpful as well as having an excellent Car wash.
Queens Way Car Wash

W.A. Etobicoke.
Queensway Carwash

Exceptional service with a smile and a super clean car for every mile.
Queens Way Car Wash

B.A. Etobicoke.

Queensway Carwash

Service is Excellent, Facility is very clean, the staff is very friendly and the service is quick. The car wash is very good. Vehicle is clean with no residue on the caar or windshield.
Queensway Carwash

T.H. Toronto
Queensway Carwash

Fantastic - Great staff and service. Consistently reliable. Good rewards program.
Queensway Carwash

D.H. Toronto
Queensway Carwash

Best wash in Etobicoke.
Queensway Carwash

K.M. Toronto
Queens Way Car Wash

For several years now I have been going to the gas station on the south side of the Queensway just east of Islington Avenue. It used to be a Shell Station but has changed owners a couple of years ago. The new owners switched to a new gas product and have all new pumps and better gasoline prices.

Also I think this has to be the best car wash in Toronto-even better since change in ownership! The staff are so courteous and attentive when I check in and out the prices are very reasonable and the best reason is a great little white cloth they give you to wipe down the windows and dash inside our car while the outside is being washed.
Queens Way Car Wash

H. G. Etobicoke.